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Summer Camp "Reaching for the Top"

Summer Camp 2019

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SUMMER CAMP 2020 (AGES 6-12)

Edelweiss Private Academy offers a summer program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or other exceptionalities.

Our staff has extensive experience working with children with various exceptionalities including, but not limited to: learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, depression and ADD/ADHD.

We strive to provide a supportive and safe environment to ensure your child will have the most enjoyable summer experience possible. With a variety of fun and exciting activities, our goal is to develop effective communication skills and peer interactions, self-help skills, and provide opportunities for new experiences.


The purpose of the program is to support children returning to school in the fall. The goal is to make the first weeks back to school more successful. The program will focus on meeting new classmates, participating in a group, completing independent work and becoming familiar with classroom routines. Some academics will be taught as well. Please note that this program is only offered during the last two weeks the summer camp.

These weeks are highly recommended for children registered for Edelweiss Private Academy in the fall. A clinical psychologist and senior supervision are available upon parent request for an additional fee. This period also provides time to develop Behavioural Support Plans (if needed for the classroom in the fall).


Space is Limited.


Week 1: July 6-10, 2020

Week 2: July 13-17, 2020

Week 3: July 20-24, 2020

Week 4: July 27-31, 2020

Transition weeks:

Week 5: August 10-14, 2020

Week 6: August 17-21, 2020


 *Please note that Summer 2020 is online so the following list does not apply

  • Back pack
  • Large water bottle
  • Full change of clothing
  • Nutritious lunch with 2 snacks (no eggs or peanuts please)
  • Sun hat
  • Sun screen
  • Indoor Shoes
  • Old shirt to be used in Art/Craft sessions (optional)

For swimming days, please provide a swimsuit, towel and goggles (if needed).
Please apply sun screen to your child in the morning. We may need to reapply at noon (with parental permission). Please provide a swim bag on swimming days. If your child is not confident in the water, a life jacket will be provided and must be worn. A lifeguard will assess your child’s swimming ability. On sunny days in July, the children swim in the outside pool.  On rainy days, the indoor pool will be used, however, this option is not available in August. 


All tuition must be paid for in full on the first of each month. Automatic withdrawal is the primary source of payment.  Parents who choose to pay using cheques must provide all 10 cheques in upon registration. All cheques are made payable to Edelweiss Private Academy.

Returned Cheques

A service fee of $25 will be charged on all cheques returned as Non Sufficient Funds (NSF), Stop Payment or Funds Not Cleared.

Medication Administration

If your child requires medication, parents must complete the necessary forms (Medication Administration and Authorization Form).    If Edelweiss Private Academy staff are to be responsible for storing, administering or supervising the administration of any medication, the parent/guardian is required to sign a release waiver. Contact Edelweiss for additional information.

Severe Allergies

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to identify if there are severe allergies that require an auto-injector or Epi Pen. Edelweiss attempts to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants with allergen-safe zones and practices. Parents/guardians are required to provide an Epi Pen and sign the Medication Administration and Authorization Form.

Special Needs

Parents/guardians of participants are asked to provide relevant information regarding special needs requirements before the start of the program. Contact the staff at any time with questions you may have.

Please note that children who are a flight risk must receive the 1-1 supervision package. Edelweiss Private Academy will reserve the right to cancel summer camp services if incorrect information is provided. Children who engage in aggressive behaviour are not able to participate in the summer program. 

Children Served

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