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Edelweiss Private Academy follows the curriculum set forth by the Ministry of Education. We strive to create a safe learning environment that is creative and individualized, catering to each student’s specific needs. We are excited about our small class ratio that allows for individualized support to help each student achieve their academic, physical, social and emotional goals. 

Edelweiss Private Academy offers a regular English program to students from Senior Kindergarten through Grade Eight. The student population draws from all areas of Ottawa. We work in partnership with you, the parents/guardians, maintaining a strong connection between home and school. We strive to keep you informed in order to maintain consistency in your child’s programming. We will keep you up-to-date concerning your child’s programming, objectives and progress. We encourage you to take the time to review your child’s agenda each day and go over the information with your child when needed. Should you wish to learn more about your child’s academic or behavioural programs, we invite you to contact the school at any time.


Every effort is made to maintain and update your child’s files. Please let the administration know if your address or contact information changes.


A child’s record is kept confidential. A child’s file will only be shown to another professional at the request of the parent or upon recommendation of the principal. A third party release form must be signed in order to share information with a professional outside of Edelweiss Private Academy.


The teaching staff at Edelweiss strives to maintain open lines of communication with parents. Please refer to your child’s agenda each night for notes from your classroom teacher. If you have any concerns about your child’s school experience, please feel free to communicate your concern with your child’s teacher. If you have any questions regarding your child’s program, you are asked to speak to the school principal. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact the office.


Criminal Reference Checks
Edelweiss requires all staff to undergo and submit annual criminal reference checks. This includes professionals that are brought into Edelweiss Private School from TIPES., or any other professionals from daycares, schools, parent volunteers, etc.

First Aid and CPR
All staff at Edelweiss Private Academy hold current First Aid and CPR Certification Level C.

Safety Policy
For safety, the Edelweiss Private Academy door is always locked. If you are here to drop off or pick up your child, please ring the intercom for entry. 

Regulations and Inspections
Edelweiss Private Academy is in compliance with the Building Code, Fire Code, Health Code (Protection and Promotion Act), and Technical Standards and Safety Act. Unannounced fire drills and lockdown procedures will be practiced throughout the school year.


At Edelweiss Private Academy, Reading, Language and Math skills are taught through Direct Instruction. Direction instruction is an explicit teaching method that involves teachers delivering specific lessons. 

Skills and concepts are taught through demonstration and action and they are reviewed and practised until fully mastered.


School Begins 9:00
Nutrition Break 10:15-10:30
Recess 11:30-12:00
Lunch 12:00-1:00
Recess 2:00-2:15
Nutrition Break 2:15-2:30
Dismissal 3:30

*Afterschool supervision is available until 4:30 at an additional cost


Students may play in the school yard 3 times per day. Please note that several rules have been created for your child’s safety. If your child does not follow the rules while on the playground, consequences will be determined and left to the discretion of the principal. Teachers will be on duty at all times, supervising the play and promoting social interaction among peers. Teachers on duty will guarantee their undivided attention to the children at all times with the understanding that when particular circumstances take place, the teacher will attend to the situation which may otherwise occupy their time. Please note that the monkey bars are off limits. Security will be circulating the campus while the children are on the yard.


You are requested to provide your child with two snacks and a lunch each day.  If possible, please send your child’s hot lunch in a  thermos. There is a microwave available to heat up your child’s lunch if needed but this takes time. If you would like your child’s lunch heated, please provide written instructions in your child’s lunch box and speak with your child’s teacher when you drop them off. Children need to learn about healthy lifestyle choices so please remember to choose healthy, nutritious snacks which don’t contain a lot of salt, sugar or chocolate. To help reduce garbage and teach children to care for the environment, food should be sent to school in reusable containers. Lunch bags should also include an ice pack to keep food cool.



Regular attendance in school is an essential part of a child’s education. Lengthy or frequent absences can have a negative effect on your child’s academic progress. The school requires one month notice, in writing, of any pre-planned absences. 

Student attendance is taken every morning and after each recess. Parents are requested to call the school at 613-225-9273 or contact info@edelweissprivateacademy.com if you know that your child is going to be absent from school. If we have not received prior notification of your child’s absence, we will contact you at home or at work to inform you of your child’s absence. 

Note: If your child is absent from school, you will still be charged the regular, monthly tuition rate. If you are consistently late picking up your child, you may be charged a late fee (at the discretion of the principal). The late fee is $1.00 per minute.


Parents are asked to use the parking lot at the end of the school (closest to the Queensway). Students are asked to meet their teacher in the yard next to the parking lot upon arrival at school in the morning. Supervision by Edelweiss Private Academy teachers will only begin at 8:50. Please do not plan to arrive at the school before outside supervision begins and make sure you wait with your child until the teacher arrives on supervision. Please indicate to the supervising teacher that you have delivered your child to the play area.

To facilitate dismissal routines we ask that parents meet their child outside, at the door of the school at the end of the school day (at 3:30 pm).


Children are not allowed to leave the school premises with an unauthorized person. Written permission is required in advance if someone other than a person in our files is to pick up your child. Parents are required to submit a signed and dated note specifying who will be picking up their child. Please advise this person that they will be required to present picture identification upon arrival. This information will be shared with security as it is up to their discretion to allow people into and out of the building.


If you wish to have your child leave school early, please call the school at 613-225-9273 or email the office at info@edelweissprivateacademy.com . Please send a letter or email to the classroom teacher as well. The letters and/or emails should indicate the time for pick-up and the reason for the early departure. Please ring the intercom to gain entrance to the school.


Periodically during the school year, students will be invited to participate in school events outside of the school. Permission forms will be sent home prior to an outing/event. These forms must be signed and returned to school in order for your child to participate. Due to legalities, written notes or verbal permission will not be accepted in place of a signed permission form.


In cases of separation or divorce where changes have been made regarding either parent’s access to a child or their school records, Edelweiss Private Academy requires the following document: 

• A certified court order which contains the details regarding the parent’s access to the child or school records. This order may also remove a parent’s rights to the child and/or their child’s records. 

• A legal document is required for all single parent families.


Edelweiss Private Academy vacation policy is as follows:

 Proposed 2020-2021 School Year Calendar (based on the Ottawa Carleton District School Board)

         First Day of School
September 3, 2020

         Last Day of School
June 25, 2020

         Holidays
2020: Labour Day -Sept. 7, Thanksgiving Day -Oct. 12, Winter Break – Dec. 21 to Jan 1/21
2021: Family Day – Feb. 15, March Break – March 15 to 19, Good Friday and Easter

Monday – Apr. 2 & 5 Victoria Day – May 24

PA Days(no school for students)
2020: August 31, Sept 1, Sept 2,
2021: January 22, February 12, April 23, June 4 

  • Edelweiss Private Academy will be closed on all statutory holidays, as well as Family Day.
  • A one month notice is required for vacation that is not within the dates listed above.  Please submit in writing to the principal the dates that you intend on booking your vacation time. (refunds are not available for vacation taken during the school year).
  • Please be advised that your child may receive homework for content missed while away.
  • Edelweiss Private Academy will remain open during the Jewish Holidays.


Periodically during the winter months, severe weather can force the cancellation of school buses. Please note that even though buses are not running for other schools, Edelweiss Private Academy will be open and class will run as usual. 

In the event that Edelweiss Private Academy is forced to close, every effort will be made through telephone, email or media to inform you of the school’s closure. In the event of our school’s closure, there is no refund of fees.


In order to take advantage of August sales, here is a list of the school supplies that your child requires for September. 

The following required materials are not provided by Edelweiss Private Academy.

If your child requires reinforcers, we ask that you provide the reinforcers to your child’s teacher. 

List of materials needed for programming (not provided):

  • Pencil case stocked with 12 HB pencils, 2 erasers (preferably white), 1 pencil sharpener (with a lid to catch pencil shavings), 1 pair of scissors (FISKARS are recommended as they can be used by either right or left handed children), 1 package of coloured pencils (maximum 24) 1 package of markers ( 16 maximum – not scented), 1 package of crayons (24 maximum), 1 ruler, 10 glue sticks
  • 6 duotangs (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and black)
  • One 4 pack of Hilroy exercise books (32 pages a book)
  • Indoor shoes – non-marking (running) shoes if possible
  • 6 boxes of tissues
  • A refillable water bottle
  • A thermos (when sending in a hot lunch to school)
  • Please note that placement tests will be completed during the first week of school to determine which workbooks are required. Parents will be responsible for purchasing the appropriate workbooks.  Each child will require approximately 5 workbooks.  It is the responsibility of the parent to purchase these workbooks which typically cost $25.00 to $50.00 each.  Workbooks may be purchased from EPA.
  • Any additional materials as recommended by a supervising Senior Therapist from TIPES or Clinical Psychologist.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

• All other materials for the programming are provided by Edelweiss Private Academy. 

School Supplies 


Agendas/planners are a great way to help teach your child organization and time management skills. Students are given an agenda to use and homework and information items will be recorded in the agendas. Please take time each night to go over the agenda with your child and initial the agenda each day.


Students are asked to keep all notebooks, textbooks and library books in good order. Scribbling or ripping in the books in not permitted and parents will be asked to replace any damaged books.


The behaviour code for students is in effect while at school, and at school events held outside of school. 

General: Students are expected to treat all staff, volunteers, visitors and other students with courtesy and respect. Students are expected to come to school prepared to learn. Students are expected to do their work and show consideration for their classmates. Students are expected to have respect for themselves, for others and for their school environment. 

Classroom: Students are expected to follow classroom rules and routines. Students are expected to work to the best of their ability and not interfere in the learning of others. 

Playground: Students are expected to play safely and use the play ground equipment appropriately. Students are expected to listen to and follow the direction of the adult on duty and to show respect. Students are expected to always stay with the group in the school yard when outside for recess. 


Students attend a Social Skills class each week. As well,  social skills and character development are integrated into learning throughout the school day. Please note that the Ministry of Education has allowed our school to teach Social skills rather than French. Some basic French is taught in the higher grades.


Edelweiss Private Academy is proud to provide programming which helps children learn about self care and self reliance. This program may involve the preparation of food, which includes the use of kitchen utensils and some small kitchen appliances. It is imperative that children follow the rules while engaging in such activities. Children will also be expected to clean up after they have completed their assigned task. 


If your child develops any of the following symptoms during the day, he/she will be considered ill and you will be asked to pick your child up. (No refund is given for absent days due to illness). Please do not bring your child to school if he/she is experiencing any of the following symptoms: 

• Vomiting 
• Diarrhea 
• Fever (more than 38⁰C or 100⁰F) 
• Red and runny eyes 
• Conjunctivitis/Pink eye – (child must be treated for 48 hours and the eyes must be clear and discharge free before child returns to school) 
• Chicken pox – (all spots must be completely dried before child returns to school) 
• Impetigo/Bacterial skin infection – (child must be treated with an antibiotic cream for a period of 24 hours before returning to school) 
• Extreme colds – (thick, coloured mucous from the nose, mouth and/or eyes) 
• Strep throat – (the child must be on antibiotics for 48 hours before returning to school) 
• Head lice/nits – (Lice requires two treatments: a child may return to school after the first treatment; parents must then give their child a second treatment one week later or the child may be sent home) 

If your child will not be attending school due to illness, please contact Edelweiss Private Academy as soon as possible at (613)-225-9273 or info@edelweissprivateacademy.com.

In keeping with guidelines established by the Ottawa Public Health Department, your child will not be allowed to return to school until he/she is symptom free and/or have been on a prescription medication for at least 48 hours. A medical certificate may be requested prior to returning to school. 

If your child develops an illness during the day and is waiting to be picked up, we will make every effort to make your child comfortable. When your child returns to school, it is expected that he/she will be able to participate fully in all aspects of his/her programs including outdoor play, recess and weekly swimming. 

In the event that your child will be absent for an extended period of time, please inform the principal.


Parents are required to notify Edelweiss Private Academy in writing if your child has any allergies or medical conditions. This information is to be kept current in our files. The school has been identified as a “nut free” environment and parents are requested not to send in any food that contains nuts, peanuts or sesame seeds. Due to severe allergies, parents are also asked not to send in cooked eggs for snack/lunch (i.e. hard boiled eggs, egg salad). Muffins/cookies that contain egg as an ingredient are fine. Compliance with these requests is essential to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone.


Medications cannot be given at school unless the appropriate forms have been completed by your family doctor.


For medications, the original prescription bottle must be submitted with a note from the physician regarding the dosage. For ongoing health concerns, a signed note by parents must be sent to school giving staff permission to administer medications (antibiotics, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.). Teachers and staff may only dispense medication to a child upon receipt of the Medication Administration and Authorization Form. Please ask the principal if you require this form. Teachers and staff are not permitted to dispense over the counter drugs, non-prescribed supplements, or vitamins without written parental consent.


In the case of a fire or other building emergency, the following plan will be put into effect: 

• In the event of a building emergency where the building must be evacuated immediately, you will receive a phone call to inform you of where to pick up your child if needed. 

• In the event of a much larger scale disaster, we will follow the direction of the City of Ottawa’s disaster plan personnel. You will be contacted as to your child’s whereabouts as soon as their safety has been ensured.


Parents are required to provide emergency contact information for their child. It is imperative that this information is kept accurate and up to date. For this reason, we will only accept written or email submission for changes.

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