Having been ‘discharged’ from a government program, we were told not to bother with ABA. Thankfully, we went against their recommendations and put him back into ABA and the public school system but soon realized that it wasn’t enough! Luckily enough we had heard about Edelweiss Private Academy and decided to enroll him there. The teachers and school are fabulous! Along with continued ABA and the school, our child has far exceeded the advice given by former professionals and has learned to work independently, and learned to read, write and do math. It is very reassuring to know that he receives the necessary supports to be a success. We will continue to enroll our child for as long as the school is willing to keep our child…currently the school curriculum (which follows the Ministry’s guidelines) goes up until Grade 6. At least after this, we both feel that we will be better equipped to place our child back into the public school system.

Again, a HUGE Thanks to Deb, Jen and the wonderful teachers at EPA for their truly dedicated work!