Transition Classroom

The transition classroom is a low ratio classroom for children who are school aged but are not ready to participate in a typical classroom setting or still have ABLLS-R programs to acquire in order to fully participate. To register, a student must demonstrate at least 3 months of no aggressive behaviours in a one on one setting.

  1. Edelweiss Private Academy (EPA) transition classroom = 1 to 3 ratio plus an EA
    1. This classroom will have 1 teacher and 1 EA for 3 students
    2. The EA will make every effort to spend some one on one time with each student throughout the day.
    3. One on One time will be on academic activities
    4. To participate, children are expected to be working on Language for Learning.

Cost for full time is $4000/month

Cost for part time is $2000/month

One on one educational assistants are available for an additional cost. Please contact Heather Wyatt to register at