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Deborah Wyatt

Deborah Wyatt is a co-founder of Edelweiss Private Academy. As a previous associate to Dr. Jeff Sherman, Clinical Psychologist, she has extensive experience in performing child assessment as well as developing programs for children, youth and adults with exceptionalities such as anxieties, depression, autism spectrum disorders, ADD and ADHD etc.. She has also provided coaching and tutoring for children with ADD or ADHD and training for parents with children with ASD and/or additional exceptionalities.
Deborah graduated from Wilfred University with an Honours degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education focusing on children with exceptionalities, as well as a minor in Psychology. More recently, Deborah graduated from Pennsylvania State University after completing post-graduate coursework in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
Deborah’s mission when beginning Edelweiss Private Academy was to continue serving children with autism spectrum disorders and other exceptionalities in order to provide them with the best educational services possible.