Please contact our office in order to book an appointment to meet the staff.

Parents are encouraged to bring all assessments and documentation that could help the staff to become better acquainted with your child.

We will contact you do discuss placement and enrollment. Enrollment is dependent on the number of children currently attending the academy. Children are placed according to skill level and grade, while also considering how best to facilitate social growth and development among peers.


Children who experience academic and/or social difficulties in Grades 1-8.

Children who required IBI must complete the ABLLS-R Assessment.

Children who have completed ABLLS-R programming, but who have had few programs in social skills sections may be considered.

Children must also pass a placement test in order to be considered.

Parents must provide all academic, psychological and other professional reports. This may include but is not limited to: Occupational Therapy reports, and Speech Language Pathologist reports.


A record of your child’s immunizations is required for our files. If you have chosen to refrain or delay the immunizations, then a letter from your doctor is required for your child’s file. According to the Daycare Act, children over the age of 5 do not require immunization; however, children under the age of 5 do, unless there is a written letter excusing your child from immunization. The office must be notified in this case. For more information on exemption and related forms, please use the following link.
Registration Form:

Click HERE to download the registration form.

Once the initital application form has been received, staff will contact you to book a date to come into the school.

Parents will then be given our handbook, registration form, and the Edelweiss Private Academy code of conduct.